This functionality requires using printers provided by Digitevent. For more information, please contact us.

The features of live printing or contacts scan are not directly available on Google Chrome, as it is the case for a basic check-in.

In either case, the Digitevent app is required. Here is the process of installation :

  • Use Android tablets (version 5 and above, can be found in the settings of your tablet)
  • Download and install the app Digitevent - Super check-in from the Play Store with the latest version of Android Webview.
  • Your app is now installed, click on the icon to open your Digitevent check-in interface !


If you use live badges printing, only tablets with Bluetooth paired printers must use the app Digicheck. Other tablets directly access the check-in interface through Google Chrome with the link given in your back-office > On-site Check-in.

See the result on video !