The check-in Digicheck app allows you to keep track of your arrivals at the event. You will be able to distinguish between expected participants and extras added to your list on the day of your event.

Add a contact initially not on the guest list:

  • On the app's home page, click on the "Add" button on the top right corner.
  • Enter the new contact's information to save it. You can set up the fields of the extra add form from your Back-Office to collect all the necessary information in the "Check-in fields" section.

If there are extra guests accompanying registered participants, and you don't need to keep their data, you can simply count them to know the exact number of people present. 

In your Back-Office > Check-in app > Check-in settings:

  • In the "Check-in points" section, select the desired check-in point ("Check-in" being the default one).
  • Click the checkbox "Display a counter to count accompanying participants (without collecting their personal info)" to count the accompanying persons of a participant without collecting his/her information.

  • On the check-in app side, once you have checked in the participant you will be able to indicate how many people this participant has arrived with:
  • Once the registration is completed, on the back office side, the arrival counter will look like this:


  • Participants added on the D-Day with the app are automatically counted in the default segment "Extra participants".