1) By default, events have the "Draft" status, which implies that you have limited usage of the back-office. It allows you to test the platform and start configurating your event.

Only the most frequently used functionalities based on the typology of your event are activated. With this status, there will be a limitation of the number of registrants or subscriptions to 15 people. Also, you can't import an Excel file that contains more than 500 lines and you won't be able to send campaigns.

A non-activated demo event will automatically be deleted one year after its creation. You'll receive a notification a week before its removal. 

To activate your event, enter the activation key given to you by our sales team after validation of your estimate.

2) Then, your event becomes active. This activation provides you the functionalities you need for your event. 

3) The day after the end date of your event, it will automatically shift to the status "ended". This status is very close to the active status, but you won't be able to re-import an Excel file.  

4) One month after the end of your event, it will automatically shift to the status "locked".  You will no longer be able to upload or edit most of the event's settings. The event website will also be archived and thus won't be accessible. 

If you didn't enable ticketing, participants will automatically be deleted 15 months after the archiving date. Digitevent will send you 3 reminder emails before the deletion of your contacts. 

You also have the possibility to delete you contacts at any time from your Digitevent account.