The creation of a list field allows you to propose several values to your guests, in a dropdown list:

  • First, to create your list field, go to General Event Settings > Custom Fields > Create Field. Once your field is named, select the "List" field type.
  • Then fill in the different values of your field. Don't forget to click on "Create", then "Save" when your field is ready.
  • When creating the field you can define a maximum number of selections, so you can limit the number of guests who will be able to select this value. In the screeshot above, for example, the maximum number of selections remaining for each session is 5.
  • You can also hide a value from the guests, it will always be visible in your Back-Office and you can assign it manually.
  • You can specify the number of simultaneous selections, this is the number of values that your guests will be able to select from this list (one, or more).

Advanced uses:  

  • To create several values quickly, you can use this symbol ยง as follows:

and click on the "Create" button to get this result:

  • You can hide the values in your list by preceding the entry with "!"

  • You can choose the maximum number of selections (X) for a value by following it with "*X*".


  • To change the maximum number of places or to modify the title of your value from the form, click on the edit icon (blue pen).
  • If people registered for a limited choice change their choice, their choice will automatically become available again.