Click on tab Manage > Check-in > PDF badge

  • Choose either the portrait or landscape format
  • Select the portrait format if you want to
  • Add a background image JPEG A4 format > Add a field > Select the field you want to display on the badge > Validate by clicking on « + ».
  • Drag and drop the field to place it where you want
  • To modify a field, click on it then, do your changes in the sub-tab field edit


  • Send the pdf badge to your contacts by using the predefined link "url of the unregistration page". 
  • The QR size can't be changed 
  • You can choose to center your fields on your badge and put it in uppercase.
  • The background image will apply to all your badges. You need to leave blank spaces for the fields you want to personalize: example here.

You can download the pdf badges of all your participants.