Digitevent gives you the ability to set up PDF badges for your guests and their accompanists.

These customizable badges can be downloaded by participants from their personal page (after registration) or from a link inserted in a manual campaign or registration notification ("link to my account").

In your Back-Office > Check-in app > PDF badges > click on "New Badge" button.

From this editing page you can:

  • Name your badge.
  • Select the segment of people eligible for this badge.
  • Choose the format (portrait or landscape).
  • Drag and drop your background image in .jpg .png to A4 format.

Once you have inserted your background image, select a custom field you wish to display on the badge and click on "+".

  • Move the field on the image directly to the desired location.
  • Keep in mind that the contents of a field can be much longer than the field label. Be sure to allow sufficient space.
    e.g. the "NAME" field can easily contain a value of about 15 characters.
  • When the field is selected, in the Field Management section, you can adjust the size, color, and alignment parameters.


  • There are two ways of sending the PDF badge to the participants:
  1. Add a button straight to the badge using a campaign email or notification.
  2. Send attendees back to their account through the predefined link from the registration confirmation message or in a manual email campaign. To do this, add a button and select the option "Link to my account".
  • When a guest has added accompanying persons, the guest is responsible for his/her own registration and badges which will be available on the guest's personal page.
  • The size of the QR code is fixed and therefore not adjustable.
  • It is possible to center the fields on the PDF badge and choose to capitalize the fields.
  • The background image is used as a basis for all edited badges.
  • You can export the PDF badges of all your contacts.