To share your registration link under your own support (ie. internet site, mail, email, blog, social network…) without importing the guest list, get the link of your registration page in your website Event website > Website settings

If I import contacts in Digitevent and give away my registration link under my own support, will there be duplications ?

By giving away your subscription link through your own channels, you allow everyone to register and therefore the form isn't personalized with contacts' information. Therefore it is possible that your imported contacts will register through this link and you might fear the creation of contacts' duplicates. 

When registering through the link, the participant enter its email address. Automatically, our system detects if the email address is in your Digitevent contacts' database and, if so, the following message shows up: "A user with the same email address already exists." 

By clicking on "Send me the registration link", the participant will receive its personal registration link redirecting to its pre-filled registration form. Therefore there is no risk of duplication.