When registration is not limited to imported guests (Event website > Site settings > Limit site access to my contacts), you can share the link of your event site on your mail, internal emailing, various websites, blogs, social networks, etc...

By transmitting this public link via your own media, registration is open to all and the form is therefore not pre-filled. 


  • Keep in mind that you can limit the number of registrations.
  • Contacts in Digitevent may register via this public link. If a participant registers via this free link (obtained from a website for instance) and is already in the database, that person can register as long as his name and email correspond to those entered in Digitevent. This will not create a duplicate, he will receive an email containing a verification code to validate or continue his registration.
  • We strongly recommend the use of Digitevent for sending your invitation campaigns to identify participants.
  • You will find the link to your public site from the tab: Event website > Site settings > Event site url. If you want to set up your own domain name, you can follow the tutorial and contact a sales representative.