From the Manage tab > Event website > Customize your site >  M'inscrire > click on the button: “Add an element to the registration page”.

Here is a list of various types of fields at your disposal:

  • Text: (first and last name, company…)
  • List: useful in fields for which possible answers have been pre-set (ie. time slot, workshop, team…)
  • Checkbox: check the box with yes/no answers (ie. I will be present at lunch…)
  • Number : the participants will only able to add numerical values (0,1,2,3,4 etc)
  • Image: the participants will be able to download their photo or PDF files (Max 5Mo) .
  • Email/Telephone number: You already have a field by default, “participant email” and  “participant phone number ”. If you want to ask for another email or phone number, use the different type of fields which unlike the ‘text’ type field, will allow you to use these message features.


Making fields mandatory: obliges the participants to fill them in (ie. company name)

Field description (optional): gives you information on the field in question and automatically sets itself between the name of the field and the field itself.

You can also add free text between two fields with the "T" button. That might be useful if you want to introduce some information, HTML or insert your title between the form fields. Not to be confused with the field description which will placed below the field name.

If you need to display your fields with some condition, you can follow this procedure : Add conditional fields in my registration form

If you make the checkbox type compulsory, the person will be obligated to check it to submit the form (this option might be useful for an authorization involving the right to one’s image).

Finally, reorganize the order of the fields in the form, using the “drag-and-drop” method represented by the arrows criss-crossing at the right of the field names.