To manage your fields:

  • In your Back-Office > Event website >  Register button 

Some fields already exist by default (Last name, First name, Email). To create new ones, click on the "+" at the bottom of the form.

Find below different types of fields at your disposal:

  • Text: Classic free text fields (e.g. Last name, First name, Company...).
  • List: Useful for fields with predefined possible answers (ex: niche, workshop, group...). Find the parameters available in this field in this tutorial: managing a "List" field.
  • Checkbox: A checkbox for yes/no answers (ex: I will be present at lunch / I need PMR assistance / I accept the T&Cs...). This box is not checked by default.
  • Number: Contacts will only be able to fill in numeric values (0,1,2,3,4 etc)
  • E-mail / Mobile phone: You already have by default a field "E-mail" and "Mobile phone". If you wish to request another email or number, use these types of fields which, unlike the "text" type, will allow you to use the message functionalities. Guests who do not enter the correct format for these fields will not be able to validate the form and will be notified of an error. 
  • Image: Contacts will be able to upload their photo (.png / .jpg / .jpeg format) or a .pdf file (max 5Mo).
  • Signature: If you would like to collect a signature from your guest directly from your form please create an image field and activate:


A new box will appear directly in the form: 

For any field, you can:

  1. Make all these fields mandatory with the "Mandatory field" tool when you click on a field. If you make a checkbox type field mandatory, the person will be obliged to tick it to submit the form (this option can be useful, for example, for an image right authorization).
  2. You can also decide that a field is pre-filled and locked if you already have the guest's information in your contact Database and you do not want them to be able to modify it.
  3. Add a description (optional): it gives your guest information on the field and automatically sets itself between the name of the field and the field itself.

How do I rearrange my form?

To rearrange the order of the form elements, you can use "drag and drop", represented by the crossed arrows to the right of the field names.

How can I make the display of my fields conditional?

You can use the following procedure: Add conditional fields to my form.