Integrating images into your registration site is a key element in personalizing your event. You will find below all the answers to your questions to integrate quality visuals and optimize their rendering.

In your Back-Office > Manage tab > Event Website > Customize your site:

1) The site background image

To change the background image click on the palette.

  • The image must be in .jpg or .png format and be 1920*1080px in size.
  • The white content area will remain centered regardless of the width of the computer, while on smaller screens, the left and right edges of your background will be cropped. The total width of this center block is 780px.


This background image will be more or less cropped depending on the size of the screen used by the user. We strongly recommend that you use a background image, without logo and text, which would be completely or partially hidden. The illustration below shows you how your image can be processed.


2) Images to be integrated into the central block

To integrate an image into the content of your site, drag and drop an image block available in the right-hand menu.

The image is defined in percent and the margins are defined in pixels. 

  • The optimal size to import is a 780px wide .jpg image.  
  • The height is unlimited since you can navigate from top to bottom. You have to think about it "proportionally".